Thursday , July 19 2018


“United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan” 

  1. Vision Statement: Safe & Secure Pakistan
  2. Mission Statement: To ensure the Public Safety and Security of human lives and property within the licensed premises.
  3. Objectives: To ensure the public safety and security of human lives and properties within the licensed premises, with respect to manufacturing, transportation, storage, import, export, selling and use of:
  • Commercial Explosives
  • Petroleum Products
  • Hazardous chemicals.
  • Mineral Compressed/ Liquefied Gases like CNG, and LPG.

Industrial Compressed Gases like Acetylene, Chlorine, Ammonia, Nitrogen and oxygen

Acts & Rules:

  1. Explosives Act
  2. Petroleum & Carbide of Calcium Manual
  3. Mineral & Industrial Gases Safety Rules 2010.
  4. Explosives Rules, 2010.


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